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In this episode of the Cryptocurrency Investing podcast, we’ll be talking to Francis Hunt aka the Market Sniper about how to profit during what he calls the ‘global reset’; a period of extreme social and economic disruption that’s already well underway around the world. We touch on cryptocurrencies, precious metals, actions of the central banks, the stock market and much more.

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Please note: I’ve used an AI transcription service, which means there’s probably plenty of errors. At some point I’ll get a human to correct it.

Louis Thomas 0:00
Okay, so today I’m very honored to be joined by the one and only Frances hunt, aka the crypto sniper aka the market sniper. He is a trader, teacher, YouTuber, seeker of Truth, is there anything I should add to that description of yourself, Francis, before we begin, you have

Market Sniper 0:15
to throw another tea in there technical analysts. All that, as I was mentioning to you very much of the maverick, no BS variety. So there’s quite a bit of sifting out of what’s valuable in my worldview and what’s not. But yes, 34 technical analysts, but otherwise, very good.

Louis 0:32
I get a lot of value out of your content, I’ve learned a lot from you. And I believe my audience absolutely will do so as well. And the kind of theme of this of this conversation is going to revolve around the idea of the global reset. But before we get into that, and we get into the present day, there are two things I want to cover with you beforehand. And so the first of which is around your own mental framework for the world. Because you use a lot of specific language unique to yourself, you talk about things like control structure and global reset. And so would you mind just sharing what you mean by these things in January, I guess, is a big broad question how the world works from your perspective?

Francis 1:07
Oh, yes. So I’m, unfortunately, I think my references to control structures don’t serve me very well, in terms of being a mainstream media type interviews and things like that, they will certainly fall into what typically in the mainstream gets described as conspiratorial, that there’s a point at which certain events cease to be random. In other words, there’s a degree of coordination to them. And they are actually quite predictable if you know the direction in which people are trying to take you. And you can see underlying news events being engineered to orchestrate that particular path. So if you already have a suspicion that someone’s going to Rome, and they starting in London, you can predict quite safely that they’re gonna, at some point cross through France, for example, in a very simplistic sense, and this is allowed us to be reasonably accurate on many things, in terms of geopolitics. It also supported certain technical trades. So we kind of have the three circles concept that I get to look at the world view through three different filters. There’s just cross references and double verifies opinions that you’re building. I’m also mentally focused on being a futurist. So what does the past Tell me as only useful in so far as how do I utilize to see what comes next. So this helps base especially with trading, where you can trade in the today for tomorrow, such as the oil trade collapse, where we said there’s a much higher probability for the single digits cash oil price, so those three yellow areas that I’m highlighting, or what I anticipate will happen next for oil, potentially even a new low to the previous low? I’ve gone so far to say, and this is trying to be controversial, maybe, but I’m saying people underpricing stability under pricing. That doesn’t mean it’s high probability under pricing means you might think it’s no point a 1%. And I think it’s 5%. That’s an underpricing of single digit oil. That’s not a prediction. But I think it’s been under priced. And in the futures market, you actually had negative pricing for a while, there was a call that we made when it was in the 60s. That was supported technically. And that’s the Fibonacci part in here, if you can see that. That’s the market sniper. But it was also made sense at a reset level. That’s that power button in there. Because we were tracking what the legacy Rockefeller money was doing, how that exit to the oil in 16, how that suddenly flipped green and how the green agenda suddenly escalated how In fact, they were even suing Exxon, which is one of the old fractals of the broken up Standard Oil monopoly. So great people to follow are the likes of James Corbett. He does very high quality research documents, no more news, other people. So I’m far from being you know, the guy. What I tend to do is I’m the puzzle builder, I take the pieces from all this aspects, then crypto, which is the See there with the usual is is part of where they plan to take us. So I very early this was in about the end of 15, the mid 16th to the YouTube saying guys, you know, I’m very bullish crypto, but I’m not a believer, and I’m not falling in love with it. This has been probably created for us. And they need they need the capital to Stampede out of the old field into the new fresh, greener pasture, which is also one big field closer to the abbatoirs if that’s where we’re going, and I give it slightly mccobb Doomsday type headline like that, but in essence, you know, you can be a lead, steer, but at the end of the day, you’re still careful to the people that are running the show. So control structures genuinely wants you the individual to think nationalistic Lee,

Unknown Speaker 4:55
I want you to think

Unknown Speaker 4:56
Yeah, we’re going to get China they did this to us on COVID and China’s gonna say damn those Americans and all of us. And there’s going to be all these phony wars, where in fact, there’s a much larger controlling element that is through governments worldwide. And they advance and trial and test responses in various zones. So we are all unfortunately lab rats in some sense. And there’s different labs, and they might supposedly be competing against each other. But in fact, whilst one is testing the rats with one particular social score in China type thing somewhere else in Russia, they’re doing something else. And in America, they’re trying to strip the arms from people, they’re doing lockdowns and now we’re going into social unrest, which we predicted. And I don’t even think it’s a brave prediction. And we’re not the only ones to have predicted it. It’s highly predictable for anybody who’s just taking the time out to look in the journey so that you know, I’m not looking for Pat’s on the backs or ego, other people have done it. If you just read a bit. This is how it goes. Question always come is where’s the Orca who’s the master orchestrator? And that’s where you have to start researching your history to understand who’s going forward. And, you know, there’s things like bloodlines and various aspects, etc. But to answer the control structure question, they are, unfortunately, through the controlling elements of doc states, in every nation, the problem I have with this vaccine is that, I don’t know if there’s going to be a country you can run to that won’t make for mandatory vaccines. You know, in one conversation, you get the likes of durscher. But saying that states can actually break into your house, hold you down and do forced inoculations.

Unknown Speaker 6:39
On citizens, this is the

Unknown Speaker 6:41
same guy that flew on Epstein’s plane, along with Bill Gates, who also flew on Epstein’s plane. And that I’ve all probably got black mailable content, have sex with underage women, all facilitated by x been all kicked out by you know, the state prosecutor in Palm Beach who happened to be Kirshner, all with Avastin and all these other types in them. So you know, there’s unfortunate coincidences, and it’s quite a dark realm. It’s not a it’s not a, it’s not a learning of love and light. It’s not for the faint hearted, and it can invoke depressing. So news, unfortunately, what I will say is, it’s been the way of the world ever since the world began. But if you either want to take the truth, and you can handle that truth, if you can think of that famous scene with Tom Cruise and think it was jack Nicklaus in a few good men, most people can’t handle the truth. And that’s why we end up with a lot of what we call normies that are in Stockholm Syndrome and cuddling up and hoping that if they extra good, and get a gold star for complying really well and rat out the other people that the power brokers, they can get adopted by them. And all that happens maybe is the number in the queue for their slaughter might be changed, they get pushed to the back of the line. But that day will come. In essence, they will be there will be one of the first actually to have the vaccine and probably the first to experience the symptoms. So in all these agendas, control structures are best to be understood. And don’t think nationalistic, nationalistic, yeah, I’ve never thought Russians were the bad guys, you know, for things, especially when you’re talking about citizenry. And sometimes if they want to do a bit of population control with war, you know, me and you can have a phony fight, and then we send our children to mass slaughter each other because we want to reduce each other’s family sizes, you know, and that’s, that’s and then we also get to get bankrupted nations because they borrow to wage war, you get all sorts of use, you make all the profits and the money by selling the instruments, and you took all the chips into my pocket in your pocket, we both come away quite wealthy, and we live with bankrupt companies that are totally at our behest as the people who control the money supply. And at the same time, we’ve provoked a bit of fear and a bit of scar tissue in the minds of that capital. So it’s quite a pessimistic view, control structures, control structures do what’s good for them. And there’s unfortunately, a lot of eugenicists, population control people, all kinds in there. And invariably, we are the patsies. If you don’t know who the Patsy is at the poker table, take it from me, you’re that guy, if you haven’t worked it out. And unfortunately, the Masters which we all part of, or patches at the poker table, and the other guys know how many aces there are in the deck, and you don’t, and you ain’t been given any of them. So you’ve got to do the best with that hand that you can. You got to play it super small. So that’s in a nutshell, where I stand on control structures.

Louis Thomas 9:48
That’s great. And and so we’ve touched there on control structure. Would you mind elaborating on what you mean by the concept of the global reset as well?

Francis Hunt 9:55
Yes. So building on the control structure there’s a ratcheting There’s a so they staircase their agenda. So there’s really extreme events where they advance their agenda hugely. So World War Two, for example would have been one of those more recently 911 would have been one of those 2020, I think is going to be a pivotal year for an escalation of the agenda. I bought it already before, because we recorded last year because we had the yield curve, inverting we had all the printing by the Fed trying to keep the likes of certain banks afloat that are coming very close to tipping over. So I felt an escalation and a quickening was due from that, they’re going to try and mask the overall global economic weakness as who could have seen it, that was the COVID-19 response. And that’s why, and they do a major print Fest, and they control where that money goes. And it’s to various interests of their own. So much so that we even saw the likes of CNBC and every mainstream media Mart doing free advertising for Amazon, you know that, you know, the multiple screens where all of them are reading the exact same text type thing, I did one of those and one of my YouTubes. So actually, you’ve got an oligarchy or mega Corp that is getting mainstream media driving people to do their consumption in a lockdown with one of the chosen companies, which also happens to do all this service for the military, industrial complex, etc. So we’re going to have, essentially an oligarchy or Bolshevik communistic model, where the big money is held and the global reset to facilitate that it’s the final tipping of the table. So we’re all at the roulette table, and we’ve all got chips in front of us. And there’s some that are in play on the game, and the wheel is spinning. And here comes this 10 ton gorilla, and he’s lifted the one end of the table where all the oligarchs are, and all our chips have just skidded down the table to their side. This is a major escalation inherently, for the policies of universal basic income. And all of this, the pension system is absolutely broken, a whole bunch of things have to be thrown away. And they’ve already decided how they’re going to bring these new things in. And they need a sufficient enough, all fall down event that allows them to say, Don’t worry, we’ve got the solution. You know, we’re all the smartest people in the room, and we know what’s best for you. And here’s what we’re going to do. And that’s the reset element, which is that computer power button where literally, your computer’s just full, everything’s wrong. There’s viruses on it, windows are popping up, nothing works, your RAM is just about gone. And everyone and you just hit the power button and you reset and you reboot, and all the things that aren’t working just get cold right where they are. And up it comes again and you literally start again. And only they know also the solution in the to her galleon dialectic problem reaction solution, in terms of they’re going to create all these problems give us the year from Hell, I actually think there’ll be a sort of seven year kind of biblical tribulation. And I think we’ve actually already started that. So thankfully, create, hopefully a few years through, and then we’re going to go, you know, we’re going to go to this next level that they have planned for us. So the financial reset is part and parcel of a reset that will actually be very broad across all things. It’s going to be social, geopolitical, and everything. People always go, Oh, you’re so money orientated and you’re watching the financials. No, this is life.

Unknown Speaker 13:18
This is full blown life, how you will be living your future life, whether you will allow your children to be vaccinated with certain, you know, vaccines, whether you’re going to be have freedom of movement, how you’ll be able to conduct your lifestyle, everything you want. It requires your engagement. Now, of course, it’s a financial reset as part of that, but actually, it’s reset in the way of the world. You know, we’ve had central bankers such as Christine Lagarde, for example, who knows nothing about banking is a qualified lawyer and is guilty of fraud actually come in and say the biggest agenda is the green agenda. You know, this is politicization, you’re supposed to be running a bank for one of the most powerful and broadest financial blocks in the globe. And you’re an environmentalist is your primary cause there’s other places for that. That’s not to say I don’t like a good environment, you know, I’ve got great jungle and greenery behind me. I hate people who leave plastic on the beach, etc, etc. But hang on. It’s an absolute perversion. And I’ve, you know, I’ve gone with a watermelon communism concept quite extensively. We’ve had this created heroes, all your heroes are created for you, you know, Newsweek times, Lady of the year, Greta Thornburg, who somehow is allowed out of school and is allowed to say How dare you from pulpits, the world over is bringing this agenda and it’s bringing in the sort of transgenerational elements. So now you’ve got the youth criticizing the older generation because everyone’s older they know largely, and you’ve got you know, this is what I call the slicing and dicing of divide and conquer. Multi generational the young And a female Of course, so many of the faces that will be used, they’re going to do more feminization as well, because it’s hard to be critical and push back against a woman that feels like bullying a lot sooner, you know, especially if your bald head at blue eyed white male, and you know, you must be, you know,

Unknown Speaker 15:15
the white nationalist

Unknown Speaker 15:16
whistle blow goes out very, very quickly. You’re hearing it all the time with these riots and everything. So you know, you can’t criticize. And this is censorship over speech, which is one thing Jordan Peterson got, right? We talked about the language you’re using and allowed to use in you know, trading, and how you must never make a joke about your performance that your country indicate. And all of us it’s really important, itself, programming of mind. The most common person I hear speak right now is my own voice. And actually, we often the architects of our own limitations by them things that we say, and that’s why I say control structure, you get people. I like to joke Some people say globalists, I don’t want to leave the Flat Earth Society members out of my potential, possibly by referring to them as globalist others use words like elites, I don’t see them as elites. I see them as a deception orientated, organized cartel, and I don’t prefer to refer to them as elites, because that’s giving them superiority. In term of face, a control structure is an organization structurally put together, that is hell bent on control. And that is why I use the phrase control structure. So I’m quite specific about how I elect to use language, because it has real deep seated, meaning in terms of what people are about and what they’re doing. Don’t call someone elite and then expect to overthrow them. Because then when you’re in their company, your person, your pens, because you’re so humbled to be amongst this elite, well, no, no, you’re a control structure, you’re trying to dominate me, and I resent being dominated. I resent having my life and the freedoms taken away, I resent that I’m libertarian, and you should be opposed. And I want to stand in front of you and be able to oppose you as a control structure and a dark horse that must meet with firm, firm resistance, I don’t want to program myself into believing they some sort of superior lead. But anyway, so they are it is an orchestrated game. And you’ve got to follow the old money and all the things that have gone down. And it’s a huge long history story, that we won’t have time in just answering the single question to indulge, I’ve already spoken quite at length, but the next level is the next stair casing up. So we go through these stair casing periods where they consolidate they ramp, they consolidate their ramp, they’re not perfect staircases because even during the consolidation period, you’re still trending against your freedoms and liberty. And then you have another staircase. So this is what I call this diagonalized ratchet, where the gradient is always going up. But every now and then you have a real melt up against your freedoms and liberties and 2020 has been the, in fact, we did a YouTube on our research knife. And we said 2020 is the year. We called it explicitly. We did it two and a half years ago. That’s one of the reasons I did that comes back to where you based right now, in that the EU said Britain will stay a non voting member in the EU regardless what trade deals are developed. And this they said back end of 17 to 18 till the end 31st of December 2020. Now I know the broadly mathematically that the EU can’t survive, but the second biggest contributor hitting the door unless they do a real rate Britain deal, which they’re not beyond doing. But there’s a fair amount of awake people that are resisting that. So we said that’s going to be a key element, the EU fault, they’ve got to pull the whole team down before all of these localized weaknesses globally on these pen groups fail. So we stuck our neck out and said that’s your final date. It’s got to have happened well before they aren’t going to wait till the 30th. To do that. They’re going to have to have everything played out. So the whole Brexit thing gets totally superseded in scale by the global reset. And that had to happen before the states and we’re we’re in the 2020 year and I would say this has to be one of the most tumultuous starts to any year that anyone has had. And in the land of the free where there are many armed citizens which is one of the few many people’s libertarians big hopes. They’ve got to go for the arm so we’re going straight from lockdown into now you’ve got to stay in your home because of social unrest and race based riots, some of which very suspicious orchestrators amongst the crowds, various other goings on authenticity has to be questioned. Don’t get me wrong. I never want to see a policeman ever in anybody’s life in taking them downtown. Even if the guy’s resisted, and you know, was fighting. It’s an absolute tragedy. But in in whatever sense this has occurred. There’s there’s always a hand in there on general, and I don’t want to be one of those guys that says everything is a conspiracy. You have to be careful. They’ll set a few traps for you too. But wait There’s clear evidence you don’t know what to believe anymore. And this is the world of where truth is a revolutionary act, and deception is the norm. And that’s why we’re going to have the reset. That’s why it’s coming. And the pandemic and everything that’s rolling from it as part of it.

Louis Thomas 20:15
That’s wonderful. And so before we touch on the present moment, there’s just one more thing I wanted to cover. And that is about history. Because if there’s one thing I’ve taken from your content is, you’re a man who understands your history very well, you actually introduced me to the book, The creature from Jekyll Island, talking about the history of the Federal Reserve. And so I was just wondering if you thought my audience could benefit from understanding any particular events from history that helps provide a better understanding of where we are in the world today? Yeah, that’s

Francis Hunt  20:43
a great question. You are invariably destined to repeat your history if you fail to learn about it. It’s one of the big sayings. There’s so much actually to start and thank you for the compliment. But I’d actually argue the more I find I know, the more I realize how little I know. And there’s certainly great commentators that have done an immense amount of reading and researching, that I continue to learn from as well. So I’m far from going to put myself at the pedestal of being a master of all historical events. I have researched Unfortunately, there’s let me give you a few catchphrases that people underestimate how true they are. The winner writes the history that certainly applies. I’d certainly have a look at the greatest lie ever told, which will probably only find on bitch shoot. I’d certainly have a look at the history of the Balfour agreement. If you’re wanting to ask who’s holding the power, the Bolshevik Revolution in the Soviet Union go research today. I did a YouTube from reset sniper YouTube channel which was a bit of historical when I was in Tbilisi, Georgia, which is actually the Ashkenazi qaisar tribes original home ground, and how Stalin, Trotsky and Lenin were, in fact, robber barons, and we’re actually conducting a robbery of a stagecoach that was bringing a large amount of notes and successfully got away with it and the kind of people they were associating one of which killed his enemies in their hearts. Which which was who was Stalin’s go to guy for thuggery later killed in very suspicious circumstances in the Russian Revolution? One, Stalin was in charge. So a lot of the skeletons of his past often need bearing and sometimes the useful Hitman of your early days suddenly is dispensable. Once you have an army and a dark state and an intelligence service doing your bidding, it’s really fascinating and I did it from Tbilisi square to happen. These are all little pockets of history. I’m talking about scripts that you couldn’t make up. I mean, this Hitman that I’m referring to actually got caught when they try to cash the notes. There were bear notes that they were building. I mean, I’ll just give you this one little story. This will encourage people to go I mean, to go read and learn about history, the bank robbery of Tbilisi, and these were the people that later everyone thinks that was communism was Russian. Everyone thinks Russian czars were terrible to live under. They weren’t at all. They never controlled the media at all. In fact, these guys Georgians of that particular ethnicity came and were the, essentially the red Russians that overthrew the white Russians. You’ve got to remember this happen very shortly. You mentioned Edwin Griffin’s book of the establishment of the Fed in 1913. This happened quite shortly afterwards, you have you went straight into the First World War, so they didn’t waste any time. And you also had in between the First World War and the second world war simultaneously, you had the communism, the Bolsheviks essentially seizing control over Russia, and they slaughtered the Romanov family and they defiled their bodies, including having

Unknown Speaker 23:58
sex with the half alive, children and family members before throwing them down a mind shoot, then worried about where the corpses were digging them up again. I mean, I’m talking horrific and barbaric that they were stemmed out. And these guys, the Romanov family that were the Tsar of Russia at the time, stepped down and move to the countryside when he was told by the media that a turned on him that was all under the control and funded by Warburg banking in New York and funding these guys that had done a robbery earlier in Tbilisi to try get money to overthrow and had come to the attention of the associates in banking later to fall for the Russian Revolution that they pulled. And it was actually this particular set that went over there and created the revolution. And actually there was a white Russians, as they were known, they were deeply supportive of the royal family. It wasn’t a globally popular theme, and that overthrew and led to communism, rat out your neighbor The greatest murder and slaughter known as the holid more, and you need to recognize who the people were that were involved in that and who funded them. And you’re not going to get it easily in YouTube anymore. I’m afraid you need to read the authors of that time. You need to read the great books of that time. But even in Wikipedia, if you just go and research the which is not what I would call and rinsed history, you can go search the Bank of Tbilisi, and it’s amazing what they will admit to in terms of what’s Trotsky, Stalin and Lenin got into Anyway, there’s one guy Cobo who was eventually killed I, we believe by Stalin, it’s largely accepted, who was the Hitman and did a lot of the dirty deeds for Stalin. He got arrested when they were trying to cash in the proceeds from this particular robbery that they conducted in Tbilisi National Bank. And they went simultaneously to lots of different European banks to catch these bearer notes. And actually, in that day, the Russians had notified the Georgians and notified all of Europe that these serial numbers have been stolen, and that if anyone came to bank them in any of the major centers, any big big banks could cash bear notes, and they actually caught so chose how efficient actually they were. They caught the one of the guys who’s there when simultaneously across Europe, and Lenin was coordinating this. They caught Koba, and he went into prison, and he was provided legal services by the same New York bankers and they told him his best chances for getting out as insanity. So he started pulling all his hair out and eating his own feces. Imagine the story and the extent that this guy got because he was facing life imprisonment, he killed and shot certain people in as part of the robbery, both the Tbilisi robbery and we’ve now been caught with these cashing in of notes. And this is the extent he was going as an absolute, to to get off and he ended up being released later, when Lenin got in power. And they had a kind of what’s it world a moratorium because he was deemed an enemy of Russia and state, because the purposes of those money was to overthrow but in once, once the bad guys got in power, they released all their cadres from prison. So he spent two or three years and then he was out and carrying on being a dirty hand. I mean, the history is actually Stranger Than Fiction. I’ve not done a justice. I mean, Lenin ran over an isolate, to escape because they were tracking him. These were not good guys. These were the biggest murder ever. of Christian orthodox Russians, Russian actually has Orthodox Church, much like the Greeks, and they were quite devout family values and everything, all of that got broken up and destroyed through communism. And they were, again, entire segments were either murdered, shot, raped, and soft. And the saw probably the day say around 20 million people. So these are the real butchers and who funded them that because the Romanov family prior to not engaging was they had no interest in the First World War and they didn’t seek to get engaged. And that’s not good for banksters that want to get you indebted. And want to also, you know, as I always say, took the casino chain table, because you know, the same people always make the money out of selling arms, which supply arms dealers are invariably very corrupt, and usually parts or connected to the various intelligence services. We had margaret thatcher’s son bringing it back to the UK where you based dentists that are involved in arms deals, I don’t know if you’re aware, in Africa and even trying to overthrow countries. So you can you get the feel

Unknown Speaker 28:48
of the people that move in those spheres. And I’m afraid to say it’s very similar for people trafficking, and the likes of what went on recently in HD. So the more you study history, the more you see, there’s a certain playbook, there’s actually not that much new in the world. And you get the most bizarre stories as well coming out. And it’s fascinating. So I’d certainly encourage your audience, I’m probably like this senior citizen, I’m guessing many of your watches will have more hair follicles left than me, I’d say to them go and learn. You don’t need a fiction I’ve ever read a fiction book really, truly apart from one or two of the classics. The real history is stranger than fiction. Another great saying and those you may not criticize, if you want to find out who your rulers are, seek out those you may not criticize. Voltaire said that it’s an absolute truism. And you’ll realize how you know, so many states in America now have anti BDS laws. So there’s a lot to say you may not boycott a certain foreign country. How does that happen? How does the land of the free have that you’ve got to ask these questions and you’ve got to try to understand how Who gets the most foreign aid out of America? It’s there’s, there’s there’s a lot of peque. When you start asking the quality of your understanding the quality of your life genuine, it’s thought up top there is determined by the quality of the questions you choose to ask that make no sense and the perseverance to which you show, to getting to the bottom of those questions. And the quality not only of your life, but of your understanding of the way of the world will improve immensely, as well. As Why is this like bat when you learn an obscure fact. And you’ll see, you’ll start to see this, you’ll start to see a whole different world unraveling behind the curtain. And definitely go do your history. And thanks for that question. And concrete, encourage your audience more, I almost need to do a alternative history learning book

Unknown Speaker 30:51
written by

Unknown Speaker 30:52
the losers in the battle because they have nothing to gain,

Unknown Speaker 30:54
and go and watch and see it. And for those of you that battle with reading, because there’s all media and all of that, put your phones down every now and then. But if you truly truly battle, you’ve got Audible, I don’t want to be punting Amazon, I’m going to sound like one of those guys that go. And Amazon the retailer, very clean health workers are ready to deliver your parcel at the door millions of Americans are finding at audible or any other where you can listen to or a bit shoots and you know, you can go double speed. I sometimes have very lengthy videos because I wanted to cover a lot. You know, I’m absolutely not offended if people watch it 1.75 while they’re mowing the lawn, and they just listen to the audio. So there is ways you can consume stuff while you’re driving on long journeys. Do it, do it, do it. It is so enlightening. And you’ll suddenly start having your brain which is a supercomputer joining up an incredible amount of dots that you never realized before. It is totally like you starting to and Earth a puzzle. So I would say go into it. Definitely.

Louis Thomas 31:59
That’s really fantastic. I just want to say that if you ever do write such a book, I think I’d be one of your first customers for that historical knowledge. And so now that you’ve taken the time to flesh out, we’ve got a good historical context behind us. We’ve fleshed out your own mental framework for understanding the world both in terms of control structure and global reset. That leads us really nicely into where we are today. And so I guess the first question to ask you is in the midst of all the craziness we’ve got going on right now with a bi R Us and government debt spiraling and riots in place I Minneapolis. Is this the beginning of the global reset playing out? Very good question.

Francis Hunt 32:34
And it certainly is. And I want to make a small differential point in terms of the nature that you ask the question, please don’t see me nitpicky as anything, because it’s kind of, I think it’s in a conceptual understanding point, there isn’t any one point where someone rings the bell and says reset is officially beginning. It’s like watching sand run through an hourglass, it is already big, it has already begun. And it did already begin a long time ago. And all that starts to happen is you start to get to a critical mass point where the amount of sand left above is actually starting to be less than the amount that’s now accumulating in the bottom. So every single moment a grain of sand is passing through in this reset. It’s kind of like the straw that breaks the camel’s back. It’s not that single moment where that last straw item was added that was too heavy for the candle. It was all the overloading that was going on in the lead up to that event, as well. Anyway, that’s that small distinction made, we are already clearly in the process of it. And there are key lumps of sand that are maybe as referring back to my angled up stair casing that are an accelerant where you suddenly feels like you have a little lurch forward that goes a little quicker. And that’s generally when most people start to go around a minute, something’s happening there, they’re getting a little bit of a whiplash, because now it’s affecting their daily life. Most people are completely insipid, or ambivalent is the word I’m looking for, in terms of day to day events, if they don’t affect their life, suddenly they do something that like the pandemic that we’ve been experiencing here that affects your daily life, the notion that somebody is going to come around and once you do to attend in a clinic to get a vaccine so that you can travel ever again in your life, otherwise, you’re going to be locked down and eventually they’re going to ostracize you and say you’re the cause of plan they make mark to coming around because you refuse to have the virus and I mean, my policy is the vaccine, these these all escalations of how they’re planning to trap you. So there’s a slow moving pincer movement that is slowly coming tighter and tighter and tighter. That is a regular go around your neck. And unfortunately, this reset is going as I say, it’s not just a social event. It’s a financial event, what I’ve been focusing on generally, I could be a revolutionary and try be shaved wearer and it’ll all be about taking up arms, major adverse feedback events for the control structure, which could mean you know, pretty physical pushback, I’ve not gone warrior mode, I’m going financial mode, get yourself into the best resource point that you can. There are other people that might deal with your feedback or attempts to push back against this. I feel it’s a big, big game that has been running for a long, long time, and they’ve been working on it a long, long time. And it’s far better to be well resourced, so that you give yourself some options. I don’t think that just being a well resource guy, you can hold back the tide, but then at least you can pay your way out of certain things. And you can put yourself in the right countries, the right places, there’s still little bits of inefficiencies. In systems, there’s still scope to arbitrage out social elements such like which countries have made an absolutely compulsion which made it optional. For a vaccine, for example, in the pandemic, which countries are going to have the social rights and the bigger downfall than other countries that could actually bubble up a little bit. So you’ve got this whole chessboard, which is the global game, you need to think like a macro hedge fund manager, but you’re also not just hedge as in the asset classes socially. Where do you want to live? Where do you want to be what’s likely to be the likeliest freest places in the world? So

Unknown Speaker 36:33
these, these are the thoughts that I tend to fascinate upon. And that’s part of the reset sniper. The crypto sniper and having kryptos, for example, is absolutely makes sense. So in terms of this reset a couple of short quickfire tips, I can certainly say, I can see the expansion of crypto, you’re gonna remember kryptos market cap at about 200 and 50 billion odd is not yet even a quarter of Amazon Apple, one mega Corp. Now these are clearly government stock state blessed unicorns that are doing a large part of the surveillance and work for states and their backdoors to give them whatever they want. They’re part of the grid of control that sits around us fights crypto to become the new money, it’s got to go up into trillion market caps. And that means big, big moves. And how does that happen? Well, actually old money that’s a bit scared of volatility that just wants to pop something up, which is safe. In other words, just risk aversion. When you really risk when you’re really rich, actually, you spend more time looking down then looking at you don’t have to go from 10 billion to 20 billion, even when you don’t have to go from 10 million to 20 million, you just don’t want to lose your 10. And you might be you know, 65 and you’re on the expenditure, health and Medicare kind of realm. And these things are all bust at a government level, you’ve got to fund that privately, you draw the preserve that which should you have, so they spend a lot of time looking down. They’re risk averse, rather than how much more they need to make. And what they might need is just a stable dollar, which can’t be bailed in at the government level. Because some official decides you’re really rich, you can get UBI with the rest of the peasants. There’s a great leveling, it was interesting to see Madonna is making reference to a great leveling, this is a hollowing out of the middle. This is this is a dog whistle code for the great all should make a great leveling. In other words, you will have the peasantry and you will have ruling elites. And this is how the genie curve has gone with the Fed. The Fed keeps saying wringing their hands all I know, it’s so terrible, hollowing out the middle and the billionaires just become richer, and the rest are just getting poorer. But that is part of the intent, and the game and they just look like they’re incompetently battling to try change it all but they’re just not succeeding and it continues to get worse. You’ve got to look at that as the actions and the outcomes dictate the agenda, not what they say. words or deception when spoken by deceivers, you know, words are deception when spoken by people that primary in the game of deception. So the outcomes of their actions are the intent and they far more efficient at delivering that I find a lot of people get intellectually superior, you know, it’s kind of like an ego chip. Oh, the feds so incompetent. I could have seen that happening. Obviously printing more money just means the bank’s getting more and all of this. Are they so stupid I come from do do better from here. You know, these Monday morning quarterbacks know they are acting that way and you’re being fooled by thinking that you know you’re smarter than them. They’re achieving their goals and agenda that outcome they attaining is achieving the goals just look at this plan. demick lockouts escalated vaccines is now this is the cure, suddenly the only way we solve something that’s questionable in itself. existence questionable in its leaf on this. It’s all about now getting under the skin of the Masters globally. Wow, that seems to suit their agenda. And we’ve been predicting this for ages 510 years of saying they’re going to get a chip under your skin fully. And now the chips are small that they can go in and a vaccine, they might do it at the same time, then I put separately or as a passport for your travel. So look at where the actions take you. And read the old legacy documents, that what also now seems to be called alternative history as if there really isn’t alternative history, alternative views of world history to that which has pushed mainstream, and you’re going to start to piece together. This is a creeping octopus that is making very good progress, and is achieving its goals for the goals that I assessed that I’ve underlined. And they’re very efficient of doing it. And it’s a question of how you’re going to play in the side this matrix to do the best for you and your family. That’s the true question. And that’s the three circles that comes with a T shirt, you’ve got to do all three. And you’ve got to understand, and you got to know why and you got to make the calls. That’s why we call gold long and sold along at the breakout of the 1340.