Looking for the best books to build your knowledge about cryptocurrency investing?

You’re in the right place.

Over the past few years, I’ve lived and breathed cryptocurrencies. And in that time, I’ve read countless numbers of books that relate to it.

I’ve read some good books, some bad ones, and those rare few that deliver extreme levels of value. This guide focuses on that third category, those books that are capable of having a transformative impact on your perception of the world.

I wanted to put together a list of the very best books that I’ve found for cryptocurrency investors.

And to be a well-rounded cryptocurrency investor, it’s not enough to understand cryptocurrencies. It’s also essential to have some knowledge of economics, technology, history, probability, investing and trading. Which is why this guide has dedicated sections on all of those fields of knowledge.

For each book covered in this guide, you’ll receive a concise summary of the contents along with a set of key takeaways that will directly assist you in your cryptocurrency investing journey.

The goal with this course is to save you money and time by providing key takeaways from hundreds of dollars worth of books that would take most people years to read.

And by the time you’ve completed this guide, you’ll have an advanced level of knowledge about cryptocurrency investing and the key fields of knowledge surrounding it.


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